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About Us

Persian Hike Adventure Story

Persian Hike is based in Tehran, Iran country. To tell our story, I must refer to some years ago. A group of youth climbing national team members dispatched on expeditions worldwide. Some national members decided to train as mountain guides and expand Mountain tourism in Iran. Based on our environment that Iran is covered by mountains and deserts trekking, hiking and ski experience is needed to be a guide. So the talented youths trained for more than eight years worked in various organizations, and were part of many events as a guide. Then they decided to establish a professional adventure group named “Persian Hike Adventure”.
During all these years, our guides have been certified by various national and international organizations like I.R.Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF), “The Ministry of Tourism and Culture”, and “Asian Climbing Federation”, “Asian SKIMO Federation” and many more.

The ascent of the 7134-meter Lenin peak by the Iranian Himalayan National Team

International Youth summer Camp

UIAA International Youth Camp was held in Iran four times, and our CEO, Guides and staff were in the organizing and operating team. around fifty climbers participated in each camp

Expeditions and climbs

We specialized in Himalayan expeditions; our members climbed 9 eight thousand meters peaks and so many seven thousand peaks. Pakistan, Nepal, Argentina, Alp, etc…

International Big-Wall Festivals

International “Bistoon” big-wall festival, four times and 1st Yazd big-wall climbing festival was just some of our technical festival with more than 100 routes that we opened in various grades.

International Winter Camp

SKIMO winter camp is a known festival in Iran and Turkey; we are proud to say that all the winter camps in Iran held by our experience. over ten nationality and countries participated in each camp

Your safety is Our responsibility in persian hike

What is Valuable in Persian Hike

Our team’s ability combines skills and specialism in travel and adventure. These two key points make us valuable. Through the young and enthusiastic team, we try to create safe, adventurer and memorable trips for our clients. All our members have great success in various significant events and adventure companies.
During the climbing and Big-Wall climbing events, our guides opened more than a hundred routes. For four years, 500 climbers from 32 countries participated in Big-Wall, Climb, Anniversary climbing event, Youth Summer camp and SKIMO.
Also, our stock and logistics make a suitable and comfortable journey for outdoor activities and camping. In the Zagros range, we serve a dream service you will never forget.

Soroush Paknezhad

soroush paknezhad

persianhike Founder

Soroush started climbing and exploring nature in 2010 by walking in the northern mountain areas of Tehran. For some years, he trekked in the mountains around 4000m in some winter ascents.
Since 2012 he has been eager to educate the academic mountaineering and expand his abilities and skills in climbing, rock climbing and snow techniques. So he joined the “Shemiran” mountaineering and Sports climbing club.
With this membership, he could achieve tremendous skills, and he was one of the most powered mountaineers of the Shemiran club. The same year he could pass the advanced course in mountaineering and Ice climbing, and just one year in the next, he could be an instructor.
In 2016 he could achieve great success and became a member of the youth national team of Iran. He could climb Kazbeck peak in Georgia in winter climbing. He could be a mountain guide in the same year, and his profession was his favour as a guide, the rest of an altitude guide. His main leading groups were in Mt. Damavand and Mt. Alamkouh from trekking and big-wall routes.
In 2017 again, he could be part of the Iran National team and was a summiteer of Lenin peak (7134m) in Kyrgyzstan.
Later in 2017 and was selected as an instructor of national teams to grow a new generation of climbers in Iran. And since now, the rest of all his technical climbing in Iran, he has golden skills to leading Persia Hike organization. Although, as we said before, in many significant events and programs, he had a mail role in organizing.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Sarah Beheshtian


Sara is an experienced Digital Marketing Manager; she also is a climber and climbs the Iran mountains.As a marketing manager, she worked for three years as a content designer, and in the next, she improved her skills and abilities to coordinate all the marketing department. Now she is leading all marketing aims and tasks of the Persian Hike Adventure family.Her team designs all our society’s social media and content, such as Facebook, Tripadvisor, Instagram, etc.

Hossein Hosseini

Nature photographer and graphist

Hossein is a professional photographer; For many years, he took many photos of Iran landscapes and places. His main favourite is birdwatching activities and capturing pictures of wildlife. He travelled the whole of Iran and cities and has an excellent media directory.You can see some of his photos in our gallery and social media channels. In Persian Hike Adventure, we have a big project to show Iran in reality photos that it’s under maintenance now and coming soon.

Sajad Panahi

head of content

Sajad is a content writer in our organization. He is a traveller and adventure lover with many stories from around Iran. Also, make articles about the historical places and phenomena of Iran. He is such a young explorer guy and a talented writer. He is the leader of our cultural trips too. Official guide and trained.In adventure activities, he is a Raft leader and experienced in that. He is the content editor and writer for Persian Hike Adventure.

our guides

Mohammad Habibi

Mountain Guide

Mohammad is a talented climber member of the Iran Climbing National Team. He also climbed many peaks and mountain ranges in Iran. Big-Walls and Ice Falls are his favourite activities. Mohammad is a professional mountain rescue man. He trained the rescue for many years in the red crest and was in various projects. He is a mountain guide and was the leader of many groups. Also, he is a festival manager in Persian Hike Adventure.

Pedram Ghasemi

Mountain Guide

Pedram is a famous Iranian mountain guide, a member of the Iran National Climbing Team. he climbed many peaks and big walls of Iran and some high-altitude peaks in the Himalayas. He climbed many peaks with our CEO, who was on a guiding course. Pedram leads many groups of climbers in the Iran mountains. Big-wall climbing, Ice Climbing, and Sport Climbing Ski and Skimo are his favourite activities.

Mohsen savei

mountain & ski mountaineering guide

Mohsen is a professional mountain guide and skier. He is a member of the Iran National Ski Mountaineering team. he could achieve a gold medal in Ski Mountaineering Asian Championship. Also, he was a member of the France SKIMO national team project to ski Mt. Alam-Kuh from the Sarchal side. He is the instructor and coach of the Ski national team and a very experienced mountain and ski guide.

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