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The most important tips for traveling to Iran

The travel guide to Iran provides you with all the essential points you need to travel to Iran. The articles you read on this page include some key points that will familiarize you with the essentials of travelling to Iran in the shortest possible time. We have collected these materials in Persian Hike to answer all your questions and concerns before travelling to Iran.You can email us or send us a message via WhatsApp to receive free advice on travelling to Iran.


Depending on your travel type, you need to bring identification documents first. The general gear of your travel, and you must have your own technical or typical equipment. About the last part, you can check the itinerary on our website and find your gear list.

Yes, you must have insurance for any travelling to Iran. The airport's passport office will check your insurance's validity and duration before your entrance to Iran. The travel insurance covers the travel time to city sights. If you need to cover the outdoor activities, you must have a special one. But it's not necessary to be checked in at the airport.

You can get it before travelling from any agency in your country; it must cover international travel, or you can get it upon arrival at Iran airport.

Usually, in Iran, you can find the local toilets; nowadays, European toilets are also available at home. If you stay in a hotel, the bathroom is European. But in the mountains and outdoor, the toilets are like Everest B.C.

International SIM-Cards work in Iran by roaming network, but you can have your SIM Card under the coverage of the Iran network. If you want to buy it, you need a copy of your passport and personal photo. The Iran SIM Card fee is around 50.000 Toman (500.000 Rials).

You must bring your money in cash because international sanction credit cards are not supported here. You can change any amount of Euro, Dollar or Pond in airports and exchanges in cities.

According to international limitations and sanctions, the global credit card is not supported here. But there is some Iranian credit card you can buy from banks in Iran.

Iranian currency is Rial, but in the market, you will see the other numbering currency we call Toman. It's precisely like measuring by meter or inches, the length is the same, but the numbering is different. Toman and Rials are the same, and the difference is zero. This means the money (banknote) is the same if somewhere you see 1000 toman implies that you must count 10.000 Rials. You can read the full article on our website on the "Iran Travel Guide" tab.

In airports and many exchanges in the city, around 11:00 am, the dollar and euro fees in published in exchanges, and you can change by day fee.

There is no official dressing in Iran, but we respect the culture and religion of Iranians. You can read the full article about the dress code on our website on the "Iran Travel Guide" tab.

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